The Best Crypto-Friendly Banks

The Best Crypto-Friendly Banks

Banks from around the world are becoming more and more crypto-friendly. This is indeed a true sign of how far cryptocurrencies have come over the last few years. To some extent, the traditional banking world had no choice but to welcome cryptocurrencies. Especially when there are already innovative and credible companies offering licensed crypto solutions. For example there is Luno and its proven Bitcoin wallet service, which has a global customer base from more than 40 countries. 

Therefore it is no surprise that we have noticed crypto’s influence making into the mainstream. And now traditional banks as well new entrants into the market have started to provide the option of digital currency to all their customers. Therefore, we thought it’s about time we mentioned some of the best crypto-friendly banks out there at the minute.


When it comes to crypto banking, the first port of call should be Wirex, which is a banking service with a keen focus on buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies based in London. Customers from around the world are welcome to open a UK Financial Conduct Authority approved account, with a debit card provided too.

As well as being able to manage cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, customers will also be able to convert between the previously mentioned cryptos and traditional currencies at will. Fast, borderless payments are a crucial part of the service too.


After being crypto users themselves, Bitwala found their account closed for this very reason. While this may have put some people off using cryptos, or even banks for that matter, Bitwala saw it as an opportunity to provide a solution for others in the same boat.

Since 2013, Bitwala has worked hard to offer its customers a cryptocurrency bank account that allows them to complete everyday banking tasks quickly and hassle-free. Bitwala is said to have provided the world’s first crypto bank account, and with everything falling in line with the German Banking Act, it makes it perfect for residents in the country.

Ally Bank

If you live in the USA and using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the like; and would like to conduct your banking using traditional methods, then look no further than Ally Bank. Many of its customers in the US believe Ally Bank is the best place for crypto banking, and it’s easy to see why.

Ally Bank is first fully regulated by US law, which immediately gives you peace of mind as a customer when it comes to your funds and activities. Ally Bank is also linked into a colossal crypto exchange in Coinbase too, while their platform is digital-only, offering customers online support every hour of the day, and night.

LHV Bank

LHV Bank is one of the biggest, well-known and respected banks in Estonia and Europe as a whole. In a way, this is down to their determination since 2014 to embrace the new, and that, of course, was cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. After initially partnering with Coinfloor, LHV Bank now has a deal in place with Coinbase, which is a sign of not only how far they’ve come, but their expertise too.

LHV Banks uses a blockchain system for their operations, and this makes them fast, hassle-free and secure. They are keen, as a banking institution, to explore cryptocurrencies and blockchain and how this innovative technology can help to create a better banking experience for their customers.

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