The McAfee Effect

The McAfee Effect

 John McAfee is an adventurous software tycoon, with a crazy past. It is no surprise that he is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, considering his risk taking and business building skills. McAfee does not sugarcoat his information and has recently revealed that he charges $105,000 for every tweet to promote digital coins or initial coin offerings (ICO).

McAfee and his team have formed an organization called McAfee Crypto Team, which handles cryptocurrency promotions. In the McAfee Crypto Team’s website you will notice the “The McAfee Effect” along with ‘Nothing can match the power of the McAfee Effect.’

McAfee’s tweets have without a doubt caused major hypes in the cryptocurrency industry. A single tweet has the power of more than one million dollars of investments in an ICO and to possibly increase the cryptocurrency value by 100%.

Currently, McAfee has 810,000 followers on Twitter, which is not a miraculous amount of follows,  but according to his Twitter analytic, a single tweet still reaches millions of cryptocurrency fans.

A perfect example of such situation would be Burst coin. It’s value went up by 350% after a single tweet by McAfee.

John McAfee tweeted on December 22nd, 2017:

“Coin of the day: BURST — First truly Green coin and most overlooked coin. Uses 400 times less power than Bitcoin. Super secure and private. Includes smart contracts, encrypted messaging, decentralized wallet, libertine blockchain. Most undervalued coin”

The McAfee Crypto Team website can even persuade  the logical decision makers. The website clearly mentions that considering 810,000 followers, the cost per investor reached is only $0.13. The plus point being that his tweet has the magnitude of reaching far into millions of crypto minds.

Polls from his twitter feed have given clear evidence that 737,000 of his followers buy or sell cryptocurrencies at least once a month and 154,000 of them buy or sell cryptocurrencies daily. Statistics have even been broken down to how much of his followers’ assets are in cryptocurrencies. The results showed 380,000 having 25% of their total assets stored in cryptocurrencies and 259,000 having more than 50% of their total assets in cryptocurrencies.

McAfee has been accused of many illegal activities in the past. Speaking of cryptocurrencies, he has been accused of ‘pump and dump’ schemes along with the new add-on, making money by endorsing cryptocurrency related businesses.

However, John McAfee strongly suggests that he only promotes what he believes in. He tweeted on the 1st of April:

“They say I sold out ’cause I use my tweets to promote, but the last 200 ICOs that lined up, we rejected 195 and chose 5. I only promote what I believe. In addition, all ICOs that we promote, since Finacoin, are audited by Crypto Connection. And I limit promos to 2 a day max. So..”

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