The Punching Bag Named Craig Wright

The Punching Bag Named Craig Wright

 Craig Wright is an Australian cryptographer and nChain founder, very well known in the crypto community for his famous, even notorious claim that he is the Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. And since he did not exactly provide any evidence at all, the businessman has been everybody’s punching bag for the last week or so.

Craig Wright’s proclamation has filled the air with controversy. He has ‘found a shelter’ among bitcoin cash supporters, whilst being devoured by everybody else. People, verbally attacking his claims, ranging from the majority of cryptocurrency community to the most important names in the industry.

Vitalik Buterin is considered to have started the movement when earlier this week he took the microphone at a Q&A session at the Deconomy conference in Seoul, South Korea. Vitalik’s punches thrown could be considered ‘subtle savagery’, as the words that came out of his mouth surely punched some ‘shameful red’ color onto Craig’s cheeks. Since Craig Wright was one of the people answering the questions onstage, Vitalik Buterin calling him a fraud with nonsensical arguments has caused an uproar in the crowd. Vitalik Buterin’s question can be seen here.

Afterwards many important names joined in. The co-inventor of the lightning network and developer Joseph Poon added: “I wrote the lightning network whitepaper and I still didn’t understand your talk”. After Poon, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee hopped in the bandwagon, stating that “Craig S Wright’s talks and papers are filled with illogical technobabble and his Satoshi proof is fraudulent. He’s a fraud. Why give this guy a platform?”.

Vitalik, Joseph, and Charlie‘s claims were accompanied by a Cornell University computer scientist Emin Gün Sirer, who is an active Craig Wright hater on social media, as well as Peter Rizun. Emin Gün Sirer has summarized the entire situation to a hilarious tweet, saying “Right now, I have bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Zcash devs in my mentions, all roundly ridiculing Craig Wright‘s technobabble. Cryptocurrencies have never been as united“.

Despite the important names hating on Craig Wright, there are dozens of active Reddit and other social media users who call him a fraud. And even though the majority of the community hates Craig, there are some who defend him, saying it does not matter whether he is Satoshi or not, he has done a lot for certain cryptocurrencies. Some say it is unfair to call him a fraudulent Satoshi since he has no evidence to prove it, while not providing any proof that supports the claim.

Nevertheless, we at Toshi Times are excited to see whatever information the future unfolds. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Craig Wright is a fraud or not?

Image Source: BBC interview.

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