This $1,400 Blockchain Master Class Just Dropped Its Price to $34 Today

This $1,400 Blockchain Master Class Just Dropped Its Price to $34 Today

The need for blockchain professionals has never been higher. The last two years saw demand for blockchain professionals increase by triple digits. Salaries are skyrocketing. Ivan on Tech Academy gives anyone the tools to become a blockchain expert, even with zero prior knowledge.

Anyone who keeps an eye on the financial markets will know a lot of companies are increasingly talking about blockchain as being essential to their future. Nevertheless, it’s becoming apparent that blockchain is not just another buzzword.

Rather, companies are actually putting their money where their mouths are at. Corporate giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, JPMorgan Chase and American Express – just to name a few – are already exploring implementing blockchain technology into their core businesses.

Salaries and demand for blockchain experts are skyrocketing

In fact, recruitment firm Hired notes that demand for blockchain engineers has increased by 400% over the past two years. What’s more, this trend shows shows no signs of slowing.

This recent increase in demand for blockchain knowledge is creating an unfair advantage in the job market for those that posses the skills, where companies are desperate to recruit staff with the right blockchain know-how. In fact, a recent LinkedIn study ranks blockchain as the number one high-paying hard skill to have in 2020.

According to CNBC, “salaries for blockchain engineers are skyrocketing” and are now on par with AI experts. However, unlike AI experts, anyone can learn blockchain programming without ever attending a university. The proof? Ivan on Tech Academy.

Become a blockchain expert with zero prior knowledge

Ivan on Tech Academy is the world’s largest blockchain academy and allows anyone to become a blockchain expert. The Academy is now offering its hugely popular Blockchain 101 track, which requires zero prior knowledge, for a massive discount.

The Blockchain 101 track is the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of blockchain technology. Divided into easily digested topics that cover all the fundamentals of blockchain technology and blockchain programming, this track is easy to understand and follow.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an entrepreneur, enthusiast, investor and developer. Ivan on Tech Academy’s Blockchain 101 track provides you with all the basics you need to kickstart your blockchain career.

Proven track-record with real-life success stories

Best of all, Ivan on Tech Academy is a proven education system. The Academy has thousands of satisfied customers, and it consistently produces real-life success stories. 

For example, the Director of Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technologies at the telecommunications and networking behemoth Ericsson, Giovanni, is an Ivan on Tech Academy alumni. He’s not alone, however.

Juliana had practically no programming experience. After enrolling in the Academy, she was able to quickly learn the ropes and land a full-time job as a Blockchain Developer. Another example is Peto, who was looking to learn the basics of blockchain programming. In the end, Peto was hired by IBM.

Supercharge your blockchain knowledge with Blockchain 101

As such, it is clear that there is a significant corporate appetite for blockchain marketers, designers, developers, investors and entrepreneurs. Moreover, there will be years before the supply of blockchain experts catches up with the massive demand.

Find out what the buzz around blockchain is all about and enlist in the Blockchain 101  What are you waiting for? Join the growing number of success stories coming out of the Ivan on Tech Academy today!

The Ivan on Tech Academy Blockchain 101 track has retailed for $1,400. Now, for a limited time only to promote remote learning, the Blockchain 101 track is available for just $34.

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