Top 10 Cryptocurrency Youtubers

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Youtubers

The advent of cryptocurrencies has seen YouTube become an essential channel for news, explainers, and essentially all things crypto. The reason behind this is quite simple – a digital medium is the best place to spread information about digital technologies.

However, as cryptocurrency youtubers have grown plentiful, viewers increasingly need to separate the chalk from the chaff. YouTube sees around 5 billion videos uploaded each day, with more than 300 hours of content added every minute.

This makes it virtually impossible to sort through all youtubers on your own, or watch all cryptocurrency-related videos. Rather, read on for a rundown of the top ten cryptocurrency youtubers that’ll help you make sense of the cryptosphere!

1. Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech is without a doubt one of the most popular cryptocurrency channels on YouTube, and with good reason. Run by a Swedish software developer, Ivan on Tech covers everything from general technical topics, to future trends and market analyses.

At the time of writing, Ivan on Tech has around 192,000 subscribers. The channel is updated practically daily, meaning that subscribers will have heaps of fresh content to enjoy. Ivan on Tech also routinely attends cryptocurrency-related conventions all around the globe and conducts various interviews.

All in all, Ivan on Tech is a great youtuber, and the perfect source of all things crypto – whether you are a beginner or already part of the cryptocurrency crowd!

2. Data Dash

Those looking for financial videos explaining all the nooks and crannies of cryptocurrencies can’t go wrong with DataDash. Furthermore, DataDash also ventures outside of the cryptocurrency realm, discussing the stock market, fiat currencies, commodities, finance and so on.

DataDash commands a substantial YouTube following, boasting more than 316,000 subscribers. This channel is a great alternative for those interested in cryptocurrency trading as well as money in general.

3. Altcoin Buzz

No list of cryptocurrency-related channels would be complete without a mention of Altcoin Buzz. This channel is one of the premier altcoin analysts on YouTube, and commands a following of over 211,000 subscribers.

Moreover, Altcoin Buzz also has a wide reach, boasting a substantial Telegram and Twitter following. As the name might suggest, Altcoin Buzz breaks down the latest and greatest regarding various altcoins. Furthermore, the channel also looks at market trends.

4. The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor is a fast-growing channel, which currently has just over 116,000 subscribers. This particular channel combines its host’s background in traditional investing with the cryptocurrency market.

As a result, The Modern Investor aims to help cryptocurrency investors turn a profit. Although investing is always done at one’s own peril, this channel can be a useful tool for understanding investing basics. Furthermore, the videos are often comparatively concise.

5. Young and Investing

Countless studies show that cryptocurrency investors are comparatively young. As such, Young and Investing is a great YouTube channel catering to that demographic. Its host Quinten frequently breaks down ICOs, does market reviews, or discusses other cryptocurrency-related issues.

Young and Investing has managed to rack up over 56,000 subscribers and continues to grow. This channel is a fine choice for those looking to keep an eye on the cryptocurrency market.

6. Boxmining

Boxmining is a YouTube channel created in 2017 by Michael Gu. Gu covers a wide variety of cryptocurrency related topics, including both current trends, recent news as well as deep dives.

At the time of writing, Boxmining is inching in on 195,000 subscribers. Moreover, the channel frequently releases new videos, meaning subscribers have new content to look forward to every week.

7. Crypto Tips

Crypto Tips is another solid cryptocurrency-centric channel taking a look at Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trends. Crypto Tips also frequently takes a look at new coins emerging in the crypto market, as well as reviews fresh ICOs.

Furthermore, Crypto Tips has over 48,000 subscribers and is an entirely woman-run channel. Crypto Tips is an awesome go-to place for the latest cryptocurrency-related news and trends.

8. The Crypto Lark

The Crypto Lark is run by Lark Davis, a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency virtuoso. Davis has published countless hundreds of videos detailing cryptocurrencies and related issues.

More specifically, The Crypto Lark is a good channel for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies in general, as his content varies. Davis currently has over 84,000 subscribers, and does everything from informative Q&As to ICO reviews.

9. Crypto Bobby

Crypto Bobby is a cryptocurrency-centric channel from 2017, run by Rob Paone. Paone is a self-described ”average dude” – this shines through in his relaxed videos, which delve into various cryptocurrency and blockchain matters.

Moreover, Crypto Bobby regularly publishes several videos a week, meaning viewers will frequently get fresh content. Impressively, Paone has managed to amass more than 141,000 subscribers in a little over a year, despite (or perhaps due to) being an ”average dude”.

10. Doug Polk Crypto

Another popular cryptocurrency news and entertainment channel is Doug Polk Crypto. This channel deals with many different types of cryptocurrency content, but is unfortunately not updated all too frequently.

Nonetheless, Doug Polk Crypto has a substantial following on YouTube, with more than 196,000 followers. His existing videos are a good starting point for anyone looking to learn more about cryptocurrencies even without frequent new ones.

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