Tron Payments Through Twitter and Other Social Media Platforms

Did TRX Just Become the Most Convenient Cryptocurrency There Is

With Seedit, a TRX payments facilitator which works through social media, users can now send payments to one another almost instantly through some of the world’s most popular social media platforms.

Seedit is an app that could massively increase the ease-of-use for users of the Tron network. Using social media platforms which users are already integrated with it can facilitate the sending and receiving of TRX or any other Tron-based currency including the “Seed” currency, almost instantaneously.

According to the company, Seedit has partnered with Tron because of its “ultralight blockchain tech”. This has partly allowed for one of the most exciting features behind this new addition to the network: that users don’t even necessarily need to do anything to begin using. Simply sending a payment to a new user over Twitter or Reddit automatically generates a wallet for them, including a private key and wallet address.

Seedit is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based ICO, Sesameseed. They are pursuing the goal of creating a platform through which TRX users can support their favourite creative content producers including authors, bloggers and developers as well as their own family and friends.

“With Seedit, you can easily send TRX or any other Tron token to anyone around the world using simple commands from various social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Kakao.”

The company announced on Wednesday via Twitter that they had finished testing on Twitter and that the product was ready for launch.

Preliminary reception seems positive, with many response comments praising the news. Some Twitter users responded, naming Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum creator, the first person they would be sending TRX to. Tron network co-founder Justin Sun has had eyes on overtaking Ethereum in terms of usage for some time.

The Tron network has been on quite a journey, with many crypto users having polarised views about Justin Sun’s platform. Phase one of Tron’s development was named Exodus which basically laid the groundwork for establishing projects and designs. Phase two is Odyssey, through which Tron has upgraded its blockchain tech in order to create an environment for companies like Seedit to function.

This kind of integration with familiar internet environments is exactly what needs to happen to bring crypto into everyday usage. Seamless integration into environments users already feel safe in will facilitate mass scale adoption and could mark the beginning of how we see cryptocurrency payment systems integrated with online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

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