Tronchat a Social Media Platform by Tron, Where You Can Earn Crypto for Simple Interactions

Tronchat a Social Media Platform by Tron, Where You Can Earn Crypto for Simple Interactions

Tron is branching out to several types of businesses. From the peer to peer download business acquiring BitTorrent, to the purchase of for its long-term aim of decentralizing the internet. It is now aiming to compete in the social media race. It will develop a dApp called TronChat.

TronChat’s tagline is ‘Share media, chat and earn Tron’ which hints at a social media platform that helps people have a great time on the social media application and earn. It seems ideal to the social media addicts who are always on Facebook and Twitter.

In the official medium article, Tron calls it the ‘blockchain baby’ of Instagram, Venmo, and Telegram combined. The article mentions-

“Social media was never built for you to make money. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others were built for the sole purpose of generating profits for the platforms based on your user activity and personal data. TronChat was created to fix this paradigm, and allow users to make money from their everyday interactions with social media.

As lifelong developers with an expertise in social media, we wanted to do more than wait for someone to create the first “killer” dApp for the blockchain world. TronChat allows anyone and everyone to easily earn TRX for doing the things they love most on social media, bringing true use and utility for both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.”

It will have the capabilities of sharing content such as photos and videos, messaging others in the platform and even sending TRX as a mode of tipping for rewards. The iOS and Android mobile versions are almost complete with another 40% left.

Tron is already creating waves on social media platforms other than Tronchat. People can tip their favorite celebrities and known personalities through Twitter using TRX tokens thanks to a TRX facilitator called SeedIt.

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