TRON’s Partnership With An Industry Giant Who Is Valued At $10s Of Billions

The CEO Of TRON Tweets Of A Potential Partnership With An Industry Giant Who Is Valued At $10s Of Billions

Justin Sun, the CEO of the decentralised startup TRON, has Tweeted about a potential partnership with an unknown firm valued at “tens of billions of dollars.”

The Tweet from Justin Sun came out on Friday, October 12th, and hinted about a forthcoming partnership but besides that piece of information, the statement revealed little information.  Justin stated that:

“Finally, First time to partner with tens of billions USD valuation industry giant. Guess the name.”

Justin Sun has almost 500 thousand followers, and many of them were quick in joining the guessing game. Some proposed Alibaba Group and an interesting fact are that Sun is a graduate of Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s Hupan University, according to his Twitter profile.

Other suggestions included Sony, Baidu, Clover and Disney. None of these has, however, been confirmed yet. Besides, many of these companies are worth much more than $10s of billions which some followers pointed out, but one thing is clear, TRON enthusiasts are very curious to know who the partner can be.

A few days ago, TRON was in the news, claiming that their smart contracts are 200x faster than Ethereums and 100x cheaper than EOS. Justin Sun Tweeted that The TRON project ultimately aims to construct an ecosystem which will supposedly be superior to both the EOS and Ethereum ecosystem. A huge claim to say the least, but one which would undoubtedly be helped massively if TRON can indeed offer the reportedly improvements in speed and cost compared to EOS and ETH.

TRON is also branching out to several types of businesses. From the peer to peer download business acquiring BitTorrent, to the purchase of for its long-term aim of decentralising the internet. It is now aiming to compete in the social media race. It will develop a dApp called TronChat. TronChat’s tagline is ‘Share media, chat and earn Tron’ which hints at a social media platform that helps people have a great time on the social media application and earn. It seems ideal to the social media addicts who are always on Facebook and Twitter.

TRON’s TRX cryptocurrency is currently the 11th biggest cryptocurrency with a total market capitalisation of $1,5 billion. From its peak in January, it has fallen from $0,3 to the current value of $0,02 dollars which is a drop of approximately 92 per cent.

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