Warren Buffet Trolled for His Cryptocurrency Remarks

The Financial guru himself, Warren Buffet who is also known as ‘The Oracle of Omaha’ might have to take his words about cryptocurrency back soon, according to his trolls. Billboards have been posted outside his house, by Genesis Mining’s bitcoin team.

Warren Buffet has been a lot in the cryptocurrency media recently, downplaying cryptocurrency. However, things got uglier when he dissed Bitcoin during a recent Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders’ meeting.

It has lead to Genesis Mining going against him stating that Google and Amazon were also wrong predictions by Warren Buffet, and he is wrong about Bitcoin too. A billboard campaign took place outside Warren Buffet’s office showing the positivity about Bitcoin.

The Billboard stated-

“Someone with a trusted opinion in their industry expresses their negative views and, because of their expert status, others trust their opinions”

If you dig a little deeper, however, that industry expert’s bias becomes clear. The technology they are bashing, if proven to live up to its potential, could potentially undermine everything that person has built their success on. Why did Western Union hate the telephone? Maybe because it would disrupt their telegraph business.”

With a majority of Twitter supporting cryptocurrency, it is no surprise they have supported these trolling attacks on Warren Buffet.

A tweet even read about how Buffet will start favoring cryptocurrency when conventional stocks are tokenized.

The CEO of Genesis, Marco Streng commented on Warren Buffet’s anti crypto views, by saying “He really doesn’t understand it technically enough to make a judgment like that. There have always been haters and critical people towards the space – people have their opinions.”

Genesis Mining has been helping spread the positivity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. One such event was a ‘Bankers Against Bitcoin’ demonstration at the Consensus Blockchain conference in New York City. They staged protestors who played parts of bankers holding anti Bitcoin signs to show the sentiment of Bitcoin amongst banks.

Blockchain’s decentralization is seen to be a significant force to reckon with amongst banks, and so Genesis Mining is trying to convey to them to join the Blockchain revolution instead of losing out.

Genesis has helped connect the Blockchain sector with the traditional capital markets last year. It was done by partnering up with HIVE Blockchain Technologies which is the first publicly traded digital currency mining firm.

Image Source: “Flickr”& “Twitter”

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