Well-Known Crypto Trader Faces Accusations of Photoshopping His Trades

Well-Known Crypto Trader Faces Accusations of Photoshopping His Trades

Recent reports are uncovering a bizarre story emerging in the cryptocurrency community. Specifically, a well-known crypto trader with over 63,000 Twitter followers is facing accusations of photoshopping his crypto trades. Supposedly, this was done in order to portray his crypto trades as more successful than they actually were.

“#1 Cryptocurrency Analyst” supposedly photoshops his trades

The crypto trader in question is Jacob Canfield, who calls himself the “#1 cryptocurrency analyst” on Twitter. According to the Twitter user “King”, however, Canfield is guilty of altering his trades in order to make them look better.

What’s more, “King” has posted a number of screenshots reportedly from his conversation with Canfield. In one of the screenshots, available on King’s Twitter, Canfield supposedly admits that he photoshopped several of his trades. 

For example, Canfield confirms that he “felt the need to defend on [an] original post”, This supposedly made him “photoshop the 7 BTC profit to 15 [BTC]”. This is, however, not the only instance of Canfield supposedly photoshopping his trades.

Canfield’s photoshop trades could be as many as 70

In an especially confusing screenshot, Canfield suggests that the total number of photoshop screenshots is around 50. However, he also says that although he only remembers doing it “3 times”, the actual amount could be as high as 70:

“If that’s the case, then I would go with 50 trades. [B]ut like I said, speaking honestly and plainly, I only remember doing it 3 times. [B]ut if you’re saying it’s 7 on less than 1,000 tweets, then I have to assume probability on 10,000 tweets would be 70.”

If these screenshots are actually accurate, it would appear that Canfield systematically photoshops his trade screenshots to look more successful. One should note, however, that this is not certain.

Canfield’s Twitter account is now empty

On March 13th, Canfield sent a tweet – which is now gone – in which he said he photoshopped several of his trades before posting them to Twitter. In this post, Canfield reportedly said he would “never photoshop again”.

Additionally, King is also urging Canfield to close down his private premium subscription group, Signal Profits. According to King, if Canfield complies with this, King will not contact the US SEC with his findings.

In other screenshots, Canfield reportedly accuses King of blackmailing Canfield with these demands. Although Canfield is not publicly admitting that he photoshops his trades, he reportedly said he will stream future trades. Following all of this, the @JacobCanfield Twitter handle is currently empty. 

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