What The Crypto Scene Needs Now Are Smiles And Helping Hands

As of now, there are pretty much two camps within the crypto community: first, we have the crypto geeks that have been building trading bots and making advanced technical analyses since 2012. They are the ones that remember the good ol’ times when you could mine bitcoin on your laptop.

That group represents the knowledge of the community, the ones that understand crypto and blockchain as good as any human possibly could understand crypto and blockchain. Many of them are also financially independent after having bought bitcoin when it was worth just a fraction of its price today.

But there is also another group of people in the community. These are the ones that found out about bitcoin late last year when every newspaper in the world wrote about crypto on a daily basis, the ones that saw a chance to make good money by investing a small amount that they were willing to risk. These are the ones that saw the light after having doubled that money, and now are eager to learn more and to earn more.

These two camps need each other, but they don’t always seem to understand this. More often than not the old timers are sick and tired of being asked to guess what the price might be next week or next year. They want to focus on the revolutionary aspects of the blockchain. They understand that this is more than just an easy way to earn a few extra bucks.

For years, I was active in the Quake 3 Arena community, and I saw the exact same tendencies there. The ones that had played for thousands of hours often filled the chat with hatred every time a noob wanted to join a game, or they simply just kicked the player for not being good enough.

Eventually, the noobs grew tired of even trying to find a game, even though they appreciated the game itself and really wanted to be able to play. Left were the old timers complaining that the game didn’t get enough media attention or new players.

To be honest, I am scared to death that this could happen to the crypto community as well. And every negative comment on Facebook, every pair of rolling eyes when someone asks about price predictions takes us one step closer to this. One step closer to crypto being something just a small group of nerds keeps alive.

We must never forget that the community needs both the old timers and the newbies to evolve and stay strong. The power of crypto lies within the fact that we are too many people involved to just shut it down and replace it with private and controlled solutions. There are plenty of companies and states out there that would love to see this happen.

Please keep this in mind: what we need now is more smiles and a community that welcomes the noobs. Even if it from time to time means guessing what the price of some centralized shitcoin might be next month.

Written by Totte Löfström – the co-founder and CEO of the first Swedish real-time crypto exchange, Trijo.co.

Follow him on Twitter: @tottelofstrom or Facebook: facebook.com/tottelofstrom

Photo credit: Leonid Androsov

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