Why Bitcoin and Gambling are a successful duo

People love to gamble online, this is an undeniable fact. The online Casino industry is growing by the day and there are millions of gamblers all across the world that participate in these games. Classic online casinos have been around for several decades now, and although when first emerged, they brought unbelievable opportunities to the players, there were still some major issues that were plaguing this industry. These problems were completely eliminated with the birth of the first Bitcoin Gambling sites, like FortuneJack, that offered better advantages to the gamblers and eliminated all the old issues. So, why is Bitcoin Gambling a pinnacle of evolution when it comes to the online casino industry?

Amazing Speeds of BTC Gambling

One of the biggest issues that classic online casinos had was the incredibly low speed, when it came to transactions such as deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin Gambling on the other hand, offers absolutely mesmerizing speeds of transactions. It takes minutes to finalize both deposits and withdrawals, thanks to the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that they are based on. This is due to the fact that BTC Gambling websites work directly with the gamblers, without any 3-rd party intermediaries like banks and other financial institutions. No matter how big or small the winnings are, any crypto casino will finalize your transfer within the minutes.

Increased Security and Privacy of Bitcoin Gambling

Another serious problem that always accustomed classic online Casinos was the issue of low-level security and lack of privacy of the players and their sensitive information. Due to the third-party involvement, gamblers had to share their personal information with the website. This prompted unwanted attention from financial institutions, governments and even fraud criminals. Bitcoin Gambling on the other hand offers total security, thanks to the decentralized design of the blockchain technology and a total, absolute anonymity. While playing on Bitcoin Gambling, you’ll be absolutely hidden from any unwanted attention, because it’s simply impossible to get tracked on BTC Casino. 

Provably Fair Games 

Another concept that is almost synonymous to the BTC Gambling is the provably fair technology. PF Games are the revolutionary entries into the selection of gambling games. They provide mathematical evidence that the game is absolutely fair from the get go. It’s based on the SHA-2 hash algorithm technology which basically eliminates the possibility that casinos will ever be able to see your bet before the end of the gameplay. Provably fair games are not exclusive to Bitcoin Gambling websites, but majority of them incorporate PF technology into their selection of games. The question of fairness was always present when playing online, and with Provably fair games, Bitcoin Casinos have once and for all eliminated this issue.

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