Why Crypto Gaming Will Be Crucial to Drive Adoption

Cocos-BCX Crypto Gaming

It is impossible to discuss the cryptocurrency industry without mentioning gaming. Specifically, crypto gaming can be a critical tool to drive general adoption and create buzz. Put simply, engaging crypto games that are ”good enough” will attract users and act as a gateway to cryptocurrencies for a wider audience. 

Cocos-BCX wants to make crypto gaming simple and fun

Cryptocurrencies also offer an entirely new dimension to gaming. For example, crypto gaming allows for in-game items to be traded on the open market, or even re-used and transferred to other games. One of the companies that recognize the massive potential held by crypto games is Cocos-BCX.

Cocos-BCX is the brainchild of the founding team behind Cocos2D-x, one of the oldest and largest game development platforms for mobile phones. Furthermore, Cocos-BCX intends to bring together blockchain functionality and game development, in order to allow for completely new applications.

To accomplish this, Cocos-BCX has decided to design and develop its own blockchain. As such, the features of the blockchain can specifically adapt to benefit game developers and development. 

In addition to this, Cocos-BCX has also developed their own tokens. This enables game developers to give different assets different attributes, for example collateralized or separate ownership.

Furthermore, this allows Cocos to natively integrate an ”economic engine” into games. This means that game developers can allow for a long-term experience for the users. Blockchain-based digital assets can augment this long-term experience, creating a more continuous and engaging user experience.

Cocos-BCX will support interoperability

What’s more, Cocos also supports interoperability – meaning that users are not tied to any specific blockchain. Consequently, this interoperability allows assets to transfer between different blockchains.

According to Richard Yang, one of the founders of Cocos-BCX, developers are key to creating engaging, popular games. Creating great content can be viewed as one of the main hurdles towards reaching success within crypto gaming. 

However, Yang noted that Cocos-BCX is attempting to give developers and users the tools to focus on the gaming experience, rather than the technical side of crypto gaming. 

”We’re trying to build a learning curve, and give the developers and users a gaming experience. By gaming experience we mean, for example, that users do not have to register a wallet and do all of this word-memorizing thing at the very beginning. And, for developers, we want to provide ready-to-use tools, instead of really tedious, solidity programming.”

In addition to this, Yang noted that Cocos-BCX’s Terminal is already live. As such, users can currently visit the Terminal and view the three sample games that are already available, in order to experience Cocos-BCX’s technology firsthand.

Ivan on Tech recently interviewed Richard Yang about the advantages Cocos-BCX’s tries to bring to crypto gaming. Check out the full video for even more details:

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